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The smallest air conditioner in the world

When space is tight or you’re travelling light then you’ll want to find the smallest air conditioner in the world. Some parts of the world can often suffer from sudden heatwaves, but then maybe relatively cool for the rest of the year. In places like this it’s probably not required to run a full size air conditioning unit all of the time. Maybe you just need to cool down quickly and maybe you’re struggling for space. Is it still feasible to install some kind of air con system? We live in a shrinking world where devices get smaller day by

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Best portable air conditioner 2018

Today we try and find the best portable air conditioner 2018. If you need to keep cool in the hot heights of summer, but you don’t want to install a full split-unit air conditioner in your house, you may consider a single unit portable air conditioner. These appliances can be carried around your house to cool whichever room you need to. Instead of having a split unit where half the system in on the inside of your house and half the system is on the outside of your house, a portable air conditioner will have more compact ways of removeing

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Best small dehumidifier for bathroom

What would be the best small dehumidifier for bathroom use ? The bathroom is naturally a very humid room, especially if you have a large family – if you’ve ever been at back of the daily queue for the bathroom, then you’ll know how difficult it is to try and make yourself presentable when the  bathroom mirror is all steamed up. As well as the excess moisture that’s in the air from showering, there may be leaks in the pipes and wet towels draped over the towel rail, just releasing a constant stream of water vapour into the air. If,

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10 Unique Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can be just as much form as it is function. The decor of your home doesn’t need to be spoiled by the stereotype basic fan, it can adopt the character of your room, no matter how eccentric or flambuoyant your tastes. On the contrary, a fan can become THE focal point in a room with unusual, unique designs. Here’s ten of our favourite unique ceiling fans that really caught our eyes recently… Esquire Rich Bronze Finish The 38” Esquire rich Bronze Finish 3- head, remote controlled Ceiling fan offers you, not just one but 3 fans all