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What humidity level is uncomfortable?

When we talk about humidity, we’re referring mainly to the atmospheric humidity, which corresponds to the water vapor contained in the air. Although humidity is usually invisible and not felt directly, we can sometimes feel its presence. At 10% relative humidity, the air seems dry, at 50% it is comfortable, at 80% we feel a certain heaviness, and at around 100%, the humidity starts to condense: fog, haze and even rain appear. 10% Relative Humidity : Air Seems Dry 50% Relative Humidity : Comfortable 80% Relative Humidity : Air Feels Heavy 100% Relative Humidity : For and Haze begin to

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Rock salt dehumidifier effectiveness

The salt of the Himalayas, or salt rose of the Himalayas, is a mineral salt. It’s a salt that comes from a mine, in particular the salt mine of Khewra in Jhelum. This mine lies in the foothills of the Salt Range – a range of mountains in the Punjab province of Pakistan. These salt deposits were formed during the Jurassic era, so it’s considered a fossil salt. Its formation was produced by precipitation of minerals that form the crystal and it contains elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, fluorine, iodine, zinc, chromium, copper, cobalt and gold. But

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What Causes Dry Air?

With every passing year, the quality of the air that is available to us is becoming worse. The increased emission of greenhouse gases is a major contributing factor to this. And given how important air is to us, this should not be happening as it represents a threat to our quality of life. We tend to think that only the air which is outside is being affected but the truth is, that even the air inside our homes is getting affected. It is happening without our knowledge, so the onus is on us to take responsibility and solve this situation.

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How to humidify a room naturally

Previously we wrote about how to bring down the relative humidity of a room, but what if your house is at the other end of the spectrum? what if your house is too dry? Over half of your skin is comprised of water, so when the air is too dry, your skin will also start to become dry, which can result in itchiness and flaking. Your nose can become aggravated and your respiratory system will not work as effectively in preventing harmful things such as dirt and dust from entering your lungs. Static electricity starts to build up which can

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Why is my house so humid

A humid house is not a comfortable house. In some places around the world where humidity is constantly high, people accept it as a way of life, but in relatively dry parts of the world, people are still asking the question ‘Why is my house so humid?’ What is humidity ? When the air becomes hot, it becomes capable of holding more moisture. When this hot moist air cools down it turns even more humid, increasing the ‘relative humidity’, which is a measurement of humidity relative to the current temperature. So why is my house so humid ? There could

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Cold air induced asthma

Cold air induced asthma affects many asthma sufferers. Asthma affects many people – 300 million to be precise, but it also affects them in different ways. Generally it’s a condition of the airways that connect your nose and mouth to your lungs. During an asthma attack these tubes will narrow, making it difficult to breathe. But there can be different triggers for an asthma attack – one of these is known as cold air induced asthma. Many asthma sufferers will tell you that they try not to go outside on extremely cold days – so why is this? When cold