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Cold air induced asthma

Cold air induced asthma affects many asthma sufferers. Asthma affects many people – 300 million to be precise, but it also affects them in different ways. Generally it’s a condition of the airways that connect your nose and mouth to your lungs. During an asthma attack these tubes will narrow, making it difficult to breathe. But there can be different triggers for an asthma attack – one of these is known as cold air induced asthma. Many asthma sufferers will tell you that they try not to go outside on extremely cold days – so why is this? When cold

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How to heat a room with no electricity

We recently had to think about how to heat a room with no electricity. Last December, when the weather was terrible and the nights seemed to come around so early, we had a power cut. After the initial excitement of plunging into darkness, we came to the conclusion that the electricity could be out for some time. It was out for some time and after a while it got pretty cold. When it came back on and we were all toasty warm again, it made me appreciate the technology we had in the house, but it also made me wonder