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The smallest air conditioner in the world

When space is tight or you’re travelling light then you’ll want to find the smallest air conditioner in the world. Some parts of the world can often suffer from sudden heatwaves, but then maybe relatively cool for the rest of the year. In places like this it’s probably not required to run a full size air conditioning unit all of the time. Maybe you just need to cool down quickly and maybe you’re struggling for space. Is it still feasible to install some kind of air con system? We live in a shrinking world where devices get smaller day by

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Best portable air conditioner 2018

Today we try and find the best portable air conditioner 2018. If you need to keep cool in the hot heights of summer, but you don’t want to install a full split-unit air conditioner in your house, you may consider a single unit portable air conditioner. These appliances can be carried around your house to cool whichever room you need to. Instead of having a split unit where half the system in on the inside of your house and half the system is on the outside of your house, a portable air conditioner will have more compact ways of removeing

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What causes fog in the morning ?

The ethereal sight that greets you when you open the curtains early in the morning, the ground seemingly covered in cloud can be quite breathtaking. It’s as if you’ve been elevated to a higher plane and you’re now looking down at the clouds from a mountain top. Yet early morning fog is a common sight that most of us have seen at some point during the year – so what causes fog in the morning ? Radiation Fog During the hours of darkness the ground will be cool and this affects the air close to the ground, cooling it down.

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Best way to use a fan to cool a room

We all know what a fan is. We all know that there are different types of fans such as ceiling fans, pedestal fans, wall mounted fans and table fans. We know they come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. But do we know how to get the MOST of out of them. Here we present a whole bunch of tips and tricks to make the most of your fan and to cool yourself down quicker. The ice bucket challenge Why a challenge ? well, we challenge you to do this and see if you don’t feel cool extremely quickly.

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Ideal Room Temperature for Babies

Babies are extremely delicate creatures that need to be handled with the utmost care and love. Their feeders need to be clean, their environmental temperature needs to be optimal and they need to be under observation for much of the day. Babies cannot regulate their own body temperatures as well as adults can. Therefore, their environmental temperature needs to be such that it helps attain their optimal temperature so that their internal metabolic functions can work properly. The ideal room temperature for babies is 68-72°F. Their bodies contain enzymes which operate the basic metabolic functions of the cell and require

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Ideal room temperature for the elderly

As humans, we need a constant internal environment in order to function properly. Our bodies contain enzymes that, when exposed to higher or lower temperatures, become inactivated. The enzyme system is the basic machinery present in all cells that control all the normal cell functions. As we age, our internal temperature control becomes weaker and our temperature sensors lose their capabilities. Therefore, we need to rely more on external environmental temperatures to keep us safe and healthy. The ideal temperature for the elderly is higher than that for young adults. It should range between 75-80°F and should be no less

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How to use a barometer

The barometer has been a popular device in the world of meteorology since the 19th century. It’s basically used to measure the atmospheric pressure, which is one the key parameters for weather forecasting. To understand its functioning and purpose, let’s take a look at what it’s used for and how it works… What is a barometer used for? The barometer is primarily used for weather forecasting purposes. The barometric pressure along with the changes in pressure over the course of time are used to create weather maps after data is collected across multiple weather stations. As well as this, barometers

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10 Unique Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can be just as much form as it is function. The decor of your home doesn’t need to be spoiled by the stereotype basic fan, it can adopt the character of your room, no matter how eccentric or flambuoyant your tastes. On the contrary, a fan can become THE focal point in a room with unusual, unique designs. Here’s ten of our favourite unique ceiling fans that really caught our eyes recently… Esquire Rich Bronze Finish The 38” Esquire rich Bronze Finish 3- head, remote controlled Ceiling fan offers you, not just one but 3 fans all

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How to cool a room without air con

In the modern office or hotel, we’re very rarely walking around sweltering in a heat haze, thanks to sophisticated air conditioning systems running through the buildings. But we can’t all afford such luxury in our homes, so how do we keep cool without air conditioning? Fans You can cool your room by keeping air moving around and what better way to do this than a cooling fan . Fans come in all shapes and sizes and can be positioned in different places to suit the design of your room. One of the most popular locations is of course the ceiling,

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How does air conditioning work ?

Have you asked yourself ‘How does air conditioning work ?’ It’s very easy to take air conditioning for granted – you want to cool down, so you adjust the temperature button and hey, within a few seconds the air around you is cooling down. But how does it work? Well, there are a lot of similarities with the humble refrigerator – they both work in a similar way.The main difference between the two is that a refrigerator keeps a relatively small area cool within it’s own structure and air conditioning uses the walls of your house, hotel room or office