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Will an air purifier help with dog hair ?

There’s a never ending domestic battle running in our house. I call it MAN vs DOG. Don’t get me wrong, I love our dog. She’s a working cocker spaniel and although she’s very busy all the time, she’s a lovely, timid little thing. However, her hair grows and falls at an incredible rate and it’s a constant battle to try and keep the floor and anything she sits on, free of dog hair. We vacuum a lot on the carpeted areas and use a microfibre mop on the kitchen tiles and wooden floors. It helps a lot just by ‘not

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Will an air purifier help with cat allergies ?

Will an air purifier help with cat allergies? First you get a tickly nose, which quickly gets itchy as it starts running. Then come the sneezes followed by bouts of coughing and wheezing. You eyes become red and watery as you succumb to the itchiness and rub them constantly. A rash forms on your chest and on your face… For those who are unfortunate to be allergic to cats, these are common symptoms. It’s estimated that around ten percent of people are allergic to household pets. Approximately one out of seven children aged 6-19 will be allergic to cats. Cat

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Cigarette smoke removal machine

Could you do with a Cigarette smoke removal machine ? So it’s the morning after the big house party, your head is murky, everything sounds far too loud and everything looks a little blurry. Gradually throughout the day you start to feel better, but hey what’s that funky smell ? Then you start remembering things from the night before – pretty much half of the guests were smoking cigarettes and cigars all night, in every room of your house. The lingering smell of smoke isn’t an attractive one – and it certainly isn’t going to help your hangover in the

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Rock salt dehumidifier effectiveness

The salt of the Himalayas, or salt rose of the Himalayas, is a mineral salt. It’s a salt that comes from a mine, in particular the salt mine of Khewra in Jhelum. This mine lies in the foothills of the Salt Range – a range of mountains in the Punjab province of Pakistan. These salt deposits were formed during the Jurassic era, so it’s considered a fossil salt. Its formation was produced by precipitation of minerals that form the crystal and it contains elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, fluorine, iodine, zinc, chromium, copper, cobalt and gold. But

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Top 10 questions about air purifiers

 1. Do air purifiers improve health ? The very quick answer is YES – we all know that air pollution can seriously damage your health, by stopping your respiratory system from working effectively and by contributing to heart disease. Recent studies have shown that toxins in the air can alter your blood chemistry which can lead to serious problems. Anything that can reduce pollution, so that we’re not breathing it in, will reduce the dangers to our health. The air purifier was designed specifically to remove unwanted toxins and particles from the air and consequently  the health benefits are enormous.

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What do humans inhale ?

We all know that we need to breathe in oxygen for our bodies to function at all, but what else could we be breathing in, while we’re inside our own homes ? The main ingredient in the air we breathe is not oxygen, but nitrogen. The percentage of oxygen in air is around 21% and the percentage of nitrogen in air is around 78%. The remaining 1% is made up of small amounts of other gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and argon. Luckily for us, we humans only like to use the oxygen part – this is absorbed by haemoglobin

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How to keep air clean

Air pollution is now more topical than ever, contributing to global warming and really making a mess of the environment. We need to responsible for the good of mankind, but also, closer to home, we need clean air around us to maintain our personal health. The quality of air in your home directly affects your wellbeing, so how can we ensure we have the best quality of air? Good Ventilation If we don’t allow the fresh air to come into the home and the stale air to leave, then carbon dioxide (CO2) can build up in the room, causing you